An Adults Only Oasis at the El Dorado, in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tropical Oasis

My husband and I spent 3 nights in mid-April at the El Dorado Royale, in Riviera Maya, Mexico as a brief adults only getaway. We have an almost 2 year old and didn’t want to stay away longer than the 3 nights. The resort truly was an oasis.

View from our balcony in the premium section


We really enjoyed ourselves here. We probably didn’t take advantage of all the resort had to offer as much as we should, but we enjoyed our stay. The food was very good, the service was mostly good.

Some previous reviewers complained about the golf carts. Honestly, the carts are a requirement to get to some of the restaurants. It was great to have that option of travel versus walking the entire way. I did think they should have gone a little slower. In fact, we were a little surprised that there aren’t accidents with the way they whip through the property.

One of the things that I couldn’t find information on before the trip was the cost of wifi. I knew there was an additional charge, but I couldn’t find information on it before my arrival. Check out my short blog regarding the wifi costs during our stay.

On to the food. I’m Celiac and have to eat gluten free now. They had terrific gluten free options. Most of the choices at Cocotal- where there is a breakfast buffet, is gluten free. They also have a whole gluten free section of bread items including a dedicated toaster. Their bread was AMAZING! It was like they replaced “gluten” with butter – oh it was good.

Gluten Free Options at the Resort

If you are eating around the property and are gluten free, just make sure you ask for all corn chips, as sometimes they are mixed with flour. In the Mexican restaurant they had to bring me a different bowl of chips.  Happily I had no issues with the food while on the property. I ordered from room service a couple of times and was even able to get gluten free eggs benedict. YUM. At the Asian restaurant I asked if the fried rice could be made gluten free and I was able to receive that. I also had them add chicken- it was VERY good. I was disappointed though that they weren’t able to make me sushi at lunch. I just wanted cucumber rolls since they had GF soy sauce, but they indicated that it was only offered during dinner. Overall I was very pleased with the options! My biggest complaint, at lunchtime it was just entirely too hot in the indoor restaurants. They were clearly cutting costs by using the fans instead of air- but I was actually almost sick one day and thought I would pass out from the heat. I usually require a sweater in air-conditioned places- not here.

Finally some people commented on the size of portions. Honestly, I didn’t think they were that small. They weren’t huge, but if your ordered a few courses you were fine.

As far as the drinks are concerned- I agree with other posters that their wine is just okay. I wasn’t willing to pay $112 for a bottle of wine though so I just drank what they offered. I also used the brand name when I was ordering a cocktail. Once I asked for Malibu rum and was served their ‘local’ brand but for the most part they brought what I asked for. We didn’t drink much though…

Our room was in the premium section. Building 4 to be exact. My favorite benefit of the premium section was you were far enough from the main pool to mostly not hear it. We did hear the bass on Saturday night for quite a while when we were going to sleep. But otherwise, it was perfectly quite. We also felt that it was a good location in terms of getting to dining, etc. It appeared that in the premium section you could make dining reservations for even for those places that didn’t require them. The obvious advantage to this was not having to wait for a table at the walk up places.

Overall we had a really nice time at this property. I would recommend it and I would return.

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