Verandah – Disney Magic Cabin 8602

Cute Baby- Big Balcony

Cute Baby- Big Balcony

In January my family had the pleasure of staying in cabin 8602 on the Disney Magic. This is an handicap accessible aft one-bedroom concierge cabin. To say it had a large balcony/verandah is an understatement.

Veranda - Disney Magic Cabin 8602

Veranda – Disney Magic Cabin 8602

This verandah has no protection from the sun and is visible from cabanas above. The lack of sun protection was not ideal for my pale husband and son, but we still really enjoyed that balcony.

There will be more on this cabin and sailing concierge on Disney Cruise Line at some point in the future! 

2 thoughts on “Verandah – Disney Magic Cabin 8602

  1. Ed says:

    Thankyou or your post. My family has reserved this suite for a coming cruise.
    Wondering if the suite has a bath tub as we have young ones like yourself who don’t necessarily like showers yet. I have seen it posted both ways online.

    Any further comments are appreciated.

    • Unfortunately this very suite does not have a bath at all. It has 2 showers which I think could have been handled with at least a round shower in the spare bath. There is also basically NO storage in the bathrooms. Another flaw. But otherwise the space was amazing. The bedroom door completely closed which we loved and you could access the massive balcony from both the living room and master. Two ideas for the shower- practice with the young ones ahead of time, or bring a small blow up pool to bath them in. There’d be plenty of room to set it up in the master bathroom. Thanks for your question, let me know if you have any others! And ENJOY your cruise!

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