P!nk’s Truth About Love Tour- Set List and Pictures


P!nk visited Detroit on March 6th for her ‘Truth About Love’ tour. It was AMAZING!!!!! Her performance is a must see.  She did not deviate from her previously released set list which is listed below, and yet the show still seemed unique and individualized for Detroit.  P!nk continues to be wildly entertaining.


Her aerial skills, while singing, are out of this world!

We scored the perfect seats the day of the show!  I would recommend waiting until the day of the show, and the days leading up to the show, and searching Ticketmaster for last-minute released tickets.  We were able to score seats in the second row to the right of the stage- PERFECT SEATS. The best part is we did not need to pay scalper prices for those tickets.

Her aerial skills, while singing, are out of this world!

Her aerial skills, while singing, are out of this world!

Set List for P!nk’s March 5th show at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit.)

1.”Raise Your Glass”

2.”Walk of Shame”

3.”Just Like a Pill”

4.”U + Ur Hand”

5.”Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”


7.”Wicked Game”

8.”Just Give Me a Reason”


10.”Are We All We Are”

11.”How Come You’re Not Here”


13.”Family Portrait”

14.”Who Knew”

15.”Fuckin’ Perfect”

16.”Most Girls” / “There You Go” / “You Make Me Sick”

17.”Slut Like You”

18.”Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”


19.”So What”

20.”Glitter in the Air”

She started performing around 9:15 and finished around 10:45.


Don’t miss this concert!

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